Remember: Just Grip-it and Rip-it! JITSGRIPS Review

 Is Jiu-jitsu -- the gentle art -- really gentle? Well most likely your answer might be "no."  Although you brag about your berimbolo technique, you do need strength and stamina. More over,  you need to know how and when to apply strength.

Some of the most important skills one learns is how to be explosive and how to store energy to be able to fight for one last sweep, one last escape and finish with one last sub. 

For us "gi players", grip strength is key and paramount for a great game, a great fight and great technique relies on grips. Everything from sweeps where you grab the collar, where you grab the lapel; guards like spiderguard, De la Riva; and submissions like collar chokes, ezekiels this and much more need great grip strength so you don't worry and you don't get tired in the midst of the grip figthing. It's not just grabbing and holding, and it's not just having hand and forearm strength; it's knowing how to hold on and being accustomed to gi grips!

Obviously the best and number one way to have great grip strength is without a doubt TRAINING oh and SPARRING! Sadly sometimes you can't train even if you are training you can't spar everyday (your job may not allow it). But when you don't have the time or the sparring partner, the people over at JITSGRIPS have made a great alternative.

Introducing the JITSGRIPS training for your grip strength.

First-off this thing is great, it's basically a gi sleeve with an attachment but this "simple" contraption is actually really great and useful. The number of different exercises you can do seem endless. I've done everything from dumbbell raises and crunches, to pull-ups and if you have the chance to go to fitness gym you can hookup the JITSGRIPS's straps and get even more workouts including tricep kickbacks and extensions and a whole lot more. I personally prefer to do dumbbell or kettlebell lifts.

I also really like to do body weight pull-ups with different hand positions. 

Your finger will definitely hate you when you start to use the JITSGRIPS but they'll be loving you by the time you've trained and are fighting a grip war on the mats.

One thing I found really practical and innovative are the resistance bands. The resistance bands are great and really meant for practicing spiderguard NON-STOP. Whenever you're on the losing end of the spiderguard it not fun at all for the other guy to just pull your sleeves left to right, then right to left over and over, do lasso guard on the left sleeve, do lasso guard on the right sleeve and then do sweeps. So when you can have a "partner" that doesn't tire and with whom you can drill on and on and not just drill your setups/guard/sweeps but also work on your grips, that is one great thing. It's really easy to change from the normal attachment to the resistance bands.

I just included some exercises, but the list of things you can actually do with the JITSGRIPS is endless! After some weeks of using the grips your hands really do look "hurting" but you do get much harder forearm, your fingers become harder and you can grip for longer. The body weight lifts are remarkable because you're basically holding on all your weight with only your fingers and your fingers will be slipping so you will not only harden your muscles and hands but they'll become very hard and won't wear or hurt (after training a lot) I have to admit that I was able to hold on much longer while sparring, which is basically the main objective.

Have you used a JITSGRIPS? Be sure to read more, ask around and check out for more info. Also this guys are on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. 


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Posted on June 11, 2015 .