VHTS YEARBOOK: Most Likely to Defend what you Have Built!

For those of you who liked the title of the post and believe/think it's a technique post on submission escapes or scrambles you are mistaken. This article is about defending yourself on and off the mat and not just by a choke or a submission but by defending against diseases.

Are you ready for the most comprehensive list of cleanliness products for the BJJ athlete? well welcome to our DEFENSE SOAP review. Defense soap is a soap company for the short sighted but once you go on line and check out their products you'll be amazed at all the thing they sell. 

We got the chance to try out several products and ALL OF THEM WORK AMAZING! We really fell in love with some and found it hard to continue on when they were all used up. We'll give you a rundown of each product and why we loved them, since they're so many and in the spirit of college yearbook we'll give out "most likely awards".

Our Products include:

  • DEFENSE Soap
  • DEFENSE shower gel
  • DEFENSE body wipes
  • DEFENSE barrier foam
  • DEFENSE essential oils
  • DEFENSE healing salve
  • DEFENSE equipment spray
  • DEFENSE super shield laundry treatment

And now, on to the awards!:


Here we have the original and the name that started it all DEFENSE SOAP, bar of soap that is. This is a great bar of soap, it looks clean (a truly white almost shiny bar), it smells clean (kind of like coconut oil mixed with salt) and of course it feels really clean when you use it. 

This bar of soap feels like the bar of soap a doctor or surgeon would use when he's about to operate. It's not your normal creamy, "scented" bar of soap; it's the kind of soap you use when you want to get yourself clean and remove grime and dirt, as well as other filthy substances.

I've been using it both in the shower (which make showers super clean) but I've also been using it just to wash my hands. It's a great bar of soap. After a long day at work, after long training sessions, when you're sweaty and when you're dirty nothing cleans as much as the DEFENSE SOAP BAR.


After trying the SOAP BAR and the SHOWER GEL I must say it's really difficult to know which to use. But sometimes you decide to use the soap bar and sometimes the shower gel. Well, when you do use the shower gel for the first time you'll love it.

The shower gel feels pretty much like the soap bar only in a gel fashion. Once you start using the shower gel you'll see how you won't be content with just using a small amount of shower gel, you'll love using a lot of it to shower. The scent on the shower gel is much more impregnating than on the  soap bar and you do feel much cleaner when you use gel instead of soap bar (could be personal preference) so you'll want more scent, better feeling and more cleanliness 


I gotta say, I LOVED THE BODY WIPES. When I first saw them and started using them I only thought of them like the wet wipes for little kids, to my amazement these are not like those (well.. kinda). I started using the body wipes on a regular basis, I used the body wipes before putting on the gi, after training, in between rounds and after a hard days work.

The body wipes became really addictive to me, the main reason is the simple and effective way to use. You don't need a faucet and soap (be it hand soap or a bar of soap) you just need to pull out a body wipe, clean your hands or arms and then you're as clean as you can. The can of body wipes has enough wipes for a long time, the smell of the body wipes is akin to the soap bar and shower gel, it has  a slight eucalyptus smell. I ended up using the body wipes long before I started writing the review . I almost gave the BODY WIPES a "MOST LIKELY TO BE YOUR FAVORITE DEFENSE SOAP PRODUCT" but I want you guys to make up your own mind. The Guys over at Defense Soap also have a new "bucket" full of body wipes be sure to check them out.


While you're rolling you wish to feel as protected as you can, not weak or flawed. The first way to start feeling like you have an armor on is to wear a VHTS gi (may I recommend the G-CHAINZ as it feels like a heavy couture samurai armor, but I digress). The second way to feel protected is when you're not constantly worrying about getting a sick or getting a skin infection, here's where BARRIER FOAM enters.

Barrier foam is very much like hair foam, once you start taking the foam out of the can it grows a lot in size, this makes it really easy to apply to your hand and then to your body (I've done feet, legs, chest, arms and neck). The foam is great because it is very light but feels almost "creamy" on your body. The Barrier Foam has vitamin E and D as well as aloe vera so it feels great on your skin and moisturizes as well. This is something I really like, I don't normally use moisturizer but I would have hated to use a foam barrier that would leave my skin sticky, dry and cracked. 

You feel really clean and comfy when rolling with a layer of foam barrier. Now, I do feel it is a little bit too "germaphobe" to be applying barrier foam under your gi everytime, it feels like if you were going to be training with people you know will have skin diseases. So I do feel this is overkill, although I do understand that people that travel a lot for BJJ or people who train at different academies would love to use this barrier foam often. I have used it on a very regular basis specially when we're sparring a lot and I must say I finish training with my skin feeling great. 


When I got the ESSENTIAL OILS and the HEALING SALVE I must admit I said to myself "well I'm never going to use this", ohh how wrong was I. I went withough using these products for about a couple of weeks, but then I got a very gnarly gi burn on my shoulder. It hurt a lot when I put on the gi and moreso if I put on something tight like a rashguard. I inmediately used the healing salve and it worked wonders for me. The healing salve I would say is akin to vaseline, but much much better. It is green in color and much much less stickier than vaseline and it also has a very strong eucaliptus smell, strong enough that when I used it other people would smell it. 

After the gi burn and another gi burn, mat burn on my feet and a very hard armbar at a competition that scrapped my arm (I eventually tapped) I became a fan of the HEALING SALVE, I must say I do not know and I do not imply that this product "healed" me it probably did as my skin did heal much faster, but what I loved about the salve is that when you have mat burns and scrapes even looking at it hurts you let alone putting on a gi or having a match. When I used the salve I forgot I had a scrape or a mat/gi burn and could fight on (which is very valuable).

As far as I know and as far as I tested out the ESSENTIAL OILS is basically the same thing but in a liquid form, it's a colorless oil with a very strong eucaliptus scent as well. I must say I preffer the salve but I finished it due to many burns and scrapes. I even cut my hand with a laser at work (yeah, that's how cool my job is) and I used the ESSENTIAL OILS and it felt wonderful, even when I bumped my hand on a table or door, the essential oils made my cut feel great and it did heal much faster.



If you're like me you probably grab your DATSUSARA BAG and throw in your sweaty headgear, mma gloves, kneepads, VHTS ranked rashguard and VHTS BE WATER jacket after training. The DATSUSARA BAG is wonderful at not maintaining any funk and smelling great, but (and it's a big but) your other equipment does not. If you store it long enough (even an overnighter) your kneepads, gloves, rashguard and such will begin to smell HORRIBLE... that's where the EQUIPMENT SPRAY comes in.

The equipment spray is great and is meant to be used on heavy bags, grappling dummy and some mat areas. It does all that but also it's great for your sweaty equipment. The EQUIPMENT SPRAY is great because it comes with the concentrated solution and the spray bottle (just add water). I started to spray each item directly but after a while just sprayed inside the bag and let me tell you my mma and BJJ equipment now smell as fresh as it can be without it being new. I can see how gym owners can use it on bigger gym equipment and it will be a life saver as well. it's not to strong that it will make you dizzy once you smell it but not too weak that you will have to spray time and time again the same equipment. Just right just fresh.



I don't wash my gis in the washing machine, I do it by hand (we have a maid) but even when my gis are washed by hand every so often be it blood on the gi, yellow neck/collar or mat stains will not come out very easily. The first time I tried the SUPER SHIELD LAUNDRY TREATMENT I used a portion on a washing machine load and did load up a freshly trained in gi. It got clean but nothings "spectacular" so I went a step further.

I had my maid use it directly on a war worn gi and the results were great (according to her). Every stain on the gi was easily wahsed off, the smell of the gi was really fresh after the wash (even with little or diluted SUPER SHIELD LAUNDRY TREATMENT) and it was cleaned in less time because it was much easier to remove tough mat or posibly blood stains. I have been using the SUPER SHIELD LAUNDRY TREATMENT ever since, either with gis or with normal clothes loads in the washer and I must say the colors are great and the clothing smells super fresh and clean (the laundry treatment claims to protect clothing from other bacteria as well).


The guys over at defense soap have a load of other products and still working hard to have more. Be sure to check out there website ( www.defensesoap.com ). They really care about having you clean and disease free so they have a "learning center" where you can brush up on your chops. We wanted to speak to the main man, Guy Sako, this is what he had to say.

DEFENSE SOAP'S main guy, (literally Guy Sako) working alongside his youngest son

DEFENSE SOAP'S main guy, (literally Guy Sako) working alongside his youngest son

What is your sports/combat background? I am entering my 39th season as a wrestler/coach.

Wrestled for Cleveland State University where I was an NCAA qualifier in 1988.  I coached collegiality for 3 years before moving to the youth level to coach my son.

Why did you start DEFENSE SOAP?  

I created Defense Soap when my entire wrestling team of 100 wrestlers had ringworm.  The school shut down our program and ended our season.  I decided to do something about it so I created Defense Soap.

What is the main goal with DEFENSE SOAP?  

To eliminate skin infections for combat athletes.  My goal would ultimately put myself out of business.

You guys have A LOT of products, are you planning on releasing more? what's in stored next for defense soap?  

Our foaming shower gel will be on the market within days.  Now that I have retired from the Cleveland Police Department after 25 years I plan on being very proactive with Defense Soap.  I have run the company reactively for 10 years.

What is the product that you guys sell the most?  

Our bar soap outsells all of our other products.  It is a triple milled pure bar of soap made with the finest ingredients and with the highest of standards.

Anything else you'd like to add? or like our readers to know?  

We would like to let your readers and our customers know that we developed Defense Soap out of the need to protect combat athletes.  We are combat athletes ourselves therefore we have a very good understanding of these needs.  We only make the highest quality products possible. We will never skimp on quality and we will never make a product that there is not a demand or need for.  Our marketing is pretty straight forward and our products are no nonsense for no nonsense athletes.  And finally, I still answer the phone in my company so when a customer calls they are assured they have the attention of the right guy

Have you used DEFENSE SOAP? let us know what products you liked and which ones you loved. Where we on point with you guys?


very hard to submit 

Posted on April 19, 2015 .