Nutrition to Stay Alpha: Q5 supplement review


Jiu-Jitsu as a martial art, as a sport, as self defense is growing and exploding with brands that sell everything from a coffee cup (Which I have) to training dummies, clothing, soaps (we have reviewed some) and even nutrition. But are all these brands the same? definetly not.

Q5 Nutrition is one of those companies which we at VHTS really love. Pure, honest and made for you and me. Q5 is a company that strives to be different and strives to set itself apart, not just because it has awesome proucts (more on that in a while) but because it's main objective is to maintain the athlete healthy and as they say "kicking ass".

I would like to start this review by sharing their "mission statement" and beliefs which they call their CORE IDEAS:

  • I believe in being honest with our customers.

  • I believe in helping our customers maximize their enjoyment of a healthy and active lifestyle.

  • I believe the long term health of our customers is more important than short term performance gains or short term profits.

  • I believe clean, pure, potent ingredients are worth a little extra money in the long run.

  • I believe in using modern science and natural resources when developing products.

  • I believe in ongoing testing for efficacy and safety.

  • I believe in local manufacturing whenever possible.

  • I believe in avoiding artificial flavors, preservatives, colors or sweeteners whenever possible.

Bill Thomas, Founder of Q5 labs


Q5 Nutriton is a company which hasvarious range of nutrition products, about 40 plus, from pure nutrition, to joint medicine and even energy supplements. Once you get online and check their "About" section It's very clear that they're the supplement brand for the average joe, well.. the average jiu-jitsu joe who only wants to train, stay healthy and fight back any type of injuries.

They sent us two very exciting products THE WARRIOR ORANGE a energy supplement and the T888 ULTRA JOINT a supplement which really hit the proverbial nail on the head for me.



Q5 Nutrition has a whole line of "warrior" line which is basically a powder that mixes with your drink and has different characterisics. The one we tested out is the Warrior Orange. As the website describes "It's Like Tang for Men! Healthy Energy Kick Powerful Enough to Fuel a Grown-Ass Man." 


I have to start this review by confessing that I am an addict, caffeine addict that is. I have to have two cups of coffee every day (once in the morning and another in the evening) and normally while hanging out I'll enjoy another cup of something like a capuchino or something along those lines. Why? well I really need the energy boost it gives me, but I do dislike the jittery effect and the sleep loss that caffeine brings to the table. Enter WARRIOR ORANGE.

So what is WARRIOR ORANGE? it's a really fine powder (actually really like tang) with a strong chewable-vitamin-C smell. It's an energy boost and a blend of 17 fruits and vegetables designed to support physical performance, brain function, oxygen utilization, cardiovascular function, and fat and glucose metabolism. It also provides a nice energy boost with natural Green Coffee Bean extract and White Panax Ginsing (and is really tasty as well).

I've been testing this product on and off for about 2 months, I say on and off ´cause I've been doing comparisons to my morning coffee vs. my morning warrior orange. First off all IT WORKS GREAT it does give me a boost, but a much more natural un-jittery feeling. I feel much more energized and not just "amped up". I also slept much better the days I had Warrior Orange as opposed to my regular coffee.

The other great thing is the taste. I've tasted all sort of supplemtns that had the sort of taste that made me wonder if what I was consuming was in fact edible. I wanted to test the heck out of Warrior Orange so I mixed it up with everything (check out the list) and the taste was always great. 

  1. Plain tap water 
  2. Cold Milk
  3. Chocolate milk (one of my favorites)
  4. Frosted flakes with milk
  5. Vanilla Ice-cream
  6. Orange juice
  7. Lemmonade
  8. Acai juice
  9. Acai bowl
  10. Lemon Ice tea

I do have one complaint though and more than anything it's some "advice" to future WARRIOR ORANGE consumers. It's really hard to mix, it can generate a lot of clumps if not mixed properly. I found it does mix better with warm/hot liquids but I don't really want to drink hot milk or hot acai juice. I found out the best way to mix it was very fast when and pouring the liquid on top of the powder and not the other way around. The clumps have a great vitamin C/orange flavor so it doesn't hurt but I would have preffred to mix it easier. 



Q5 Nutrition has a whole gamma of joint supplements. We had the pleasure of testing out the T-888 ULTRA JOINT. 

What are joints anyway? well joints reffer to the tissues that allow movement and that binds our bones. They're all the ligaments, cartilage helping to support us. So you can see that for us--Jiu-jiteiros, sustaining healthy joint is one of top missioins..

T-888 are pills made out of glucosamine, methylsulfonatemethane, nexrutine, curcumin and other ingredients. T-888 is a very powerful anti-Inflammatory pill that helps strengthen our joints and is great for people recovering from injuries.

VHTS blog avid audiences might remember that I had a ACL tear last year, I got this T-888 and inmediately felt better. I can't say exactly what it did and I did not have a doctor examine what benefits I was getting out of this pill but what I can say is that the swelling in my leg, my movility and the pain really disipated once I started to take this pills. I do feel this is something that one should take on a regular basis not just injured, the glucosamine in it are great and strengthen our joints so that we can avoid having injuries.

Q5 labs though recomends for a daily usage their JOINT ARMOR and SUPER FLEX TYPE II both of these are daily supplemtns but also offer pain relief and strength to joints, I mean let's face it if we train as hard as we train we might already have developed injury so these types of supplements really do a grat job.

As an interestng note, the T-888's name is inspired on the T-800 terminator from the movie THE TERMINATOR. If only we had steel joints insted of fleshy ones huh?

We had the chance to speak to the Q5 Alpha man himself, William Thomas, he has a wealth of knowledge and he let us pick his brain a bit:

Hey William, what is your BJJ rank, years training and why did you start?

Brown belt, 7 years, I was a wrestling coach and a friend brought me to a class. I was really impressed at how easily the instructor was able to tap me out and decided I had to learn!


Why did you start Q5?

As I got older (I'm 47) I was having trouble recovering and started looking for supplements that would help. Most of what I found was garbage, or for guys looking to get huge in the gym and that's not what I needed. Since I couldn't find what I was looking for and figured there must be a lot of other guys with the same problem, so that's why I started Q5.

What exactly does Q5 and ALPHA mean?

The name of the company was inspired by the Book of 5 Rings, something every martial artist or fighter should read many times. Stay Alpha is a fun, tongue in cheek way of saying don't let life or age or circumstances put you down - be the Alpha force in your life - be your own driving force. Make your own chances, create your own opportunity, live how you want to live no matter what the world says. Stay Alpha.


What are your most popular proudcts? And what products are you trying to push into the market right now?

Our most popular product is our BJJ Endurance stack, it's a special stimulant free combination of natural ingredients designed to help you train longer with maintain a better focus. It doesn't give you a spike in energy or jitters like a lifting preworkout, just a bigger gas tank and clearer thinking.

We have a number of products, we focus on endurance, recovery, and joint support because those are the things our customers say are important to them. Our newest product is T-888 Ultra Joint which is designed to take after an injury to help speed recovery.


Ok, Imagine I'm a 6 times a week, 20 something year old BJJ and MMA athlete, what supplements do I NEED to take to be healthy?

As a heavy training 20 year old I would say you want to be sure to take a high quality Omega 3, like a fish oil or our Krill Oil, some D3, and make sure you are getting enough high quality protein every day. Also, make sure you are sleeping enough and drinking enough water. You don't need a lot more than that as a young athlete.

Or maybe I'm a 2 times a week, 30-40 something year old doing BJJ and/or MMA as a hobby, what supplements do I NEED to take to be healthy?

If you are a 30+ year old hobbyist, you might want to look at adding in a good daily vitamin, a joint support supplement like our Superflex, and if you aren't getting enough greens in your diet a green foods supplement like Warrior Green is a great choice. After that it really becomes athlete specific depending on your unique challenges and goals.

And finally, what do you take on a daily basis vs. what do you take on the days you're training?

On a daily basis I use Krill Oil, Superflex, D3, and our nighttime recovery Maxistak. On training days I use our Endurance Training stack and have a protein shake after class, I usually add Warrior Green to my protein shake.

Q5 labs is a great company and a very serious one also. You can see them everywhere now, from THIS WEEK IN BJJ to other MMA and BJJ retailers. These 2 products that we tested out were awesome and really made us fans of this great company. If you're looking for supplements for your training look no further than Q5 and take a look at their vast prouct listing over at They also have a big sponsored team so check them out and let us know what you think of their product, which product are you currently using and which ones you're interested in.


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Posted on February 16, 2015 .