After training on the mats, you should use AFTERMAT

Have you been training on the mats? you definitely need to try these products, aptly named AFTERMAT. Aftermat is a hygiene  company that focuses on a lot of different products, really simple in how to use them but really complicated in their ingredients. Once you go to their website you can see this guys really love to train and have a great sense of humor as well (just click the "truth" tab to see what we mean).

We had the pleasure of reviewing three products they have: The Scrub Soap, The Shower Gel and The Shampoo. All of these are excellent products and have become a staple of my showers. 



We'll start with the Scrub Soap a very interesting bar of soap:

A worn out bar of soap demonstrating how I've been using it nonstop

A worn out bar of soap demonstrating how I've been using it nonstop

First thing that caught my eye was the color of the bar It's a Black bar of soap. This bar looks awesome and smells great, another thing that immediately made me look twice is its rough texture and exfoliating particles. 

The soap is great, you feel truly clean when using it; the texture is great; the smell is also amazing. According to the ingredients list, the soap contains jojoba oil, coconut oil, palm oil, tea tree and orange oil (the coconut and the orange oil smell is great).

After using the bar of soap for a while I had to re-read the ingredients list and found something really awesome that I've never seen in a soap or hygiene product, "activated charcoal". Since I'm a Chemical Engineer, the term "activated charcoal" really cought my interest. For those who do not know, activated charcoal or activated carbon is a form of carbon made to have low-volume pores and is basically used in filtration procedures due to the fact that it eliminates colors, smells and taste. Having activated charcoal on a bar of soap is really high-tech stuff and the main reason why this bar of soap works so well and also the reason why the bar is black. Amazing product!



If you're not a fan of soap bars, the people over at AFTERMAT have a great product for you as well. 


 What I love about "Post Training shower gel" is that it gives clean and fresh feeling.

The gel has an amazing smell (as well as all the other AFTERMAT products), it has a really strong coconut smell, along with the rosemary and the aloe vera. It is a pleasure to use this shower gel. Once you use this, your skin feels super clean, I gave it to a friend once and the exact phrasing was "squeaky clean" it is a strong gel and one that I really liked to use. I'm normally a soap-bar-kinda-guy or at least I was, since I started using this shower gel I've been going back to the shower gel as my go to hygiene product. I even bought myself a luffa thingy, I do feel like shower gels are much more aggresive in the cleaning department, although I'm not entirely sure if the abrassiveness of a shower gel-luffa combo are to hard on the skin for some people.




I get used to typical "head and shoulder", "Herbal essences", "loreal", dove-type shampoo and such. They always have a strong aromatic smell that at least I don't like very much, it's a typical smell that feels rather "unnatural" (if you know what I mean). Thas is one of the main reasons why the AFTERMAT SHAMPOO hits it out of the park for me. 

The Shampoo itself is interesting, it is not cream based but liquid type and totally transparent. It smells amazing (a strong coconut smell). When I first tried it on it felt soo different, the strong natural scent plus the fact that is was so liquid. 

I love this Shampoo, it is the product that I like the most out of the three we reviewed. I must say though this is a STRONG shampoo, it leaves my hair, once again, squeaky clean. I almost feel like it removes too much dirt/grease out of your hair, which could be a bad thing if used incorrectly. At lest I had the habit of using shampoo every day but with this one, being so strong, I've been using it every other day or even less. It's a joy but it can be strong to some people.


We had the chance to speak with Matthew Borst and Danny Valle and have a Q&A, check out what they said:

  What is your MMA or BJJ background?

Both Matt and I train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under former UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra. Matt is a purple belt and I received my black belt from Matt Serra back in August 2008. I have been training in martial arts for almost 30 years and am one of the head instructors at Serra BJJ. Matt is an instructor there as well. 


To whom do you recommend AFTERMAT products?

We recommend it to anyone and everyone training in combat sports including wrestling, kickboxing, MMA and BJJ. Even if you don’t train in one of these disciplines, Aftermat is for anyone who wants high-quality hygiene products that won’t damage and dry out their skin like other soaps do.


When did AFTERMAT start and how?

Matt began the company on his own more than three years ago. While training at the academy he realized that many students, himself included, were using cheaply made, off-the-shelf products that weren’t doing anything but drying out and cracking their skin. He began to research the market, soap manufacturers and the ingredients they used. He knew he could put together a better product, and he did. 

Matt asked me if I was interested in designing his new website not long after his launch. He was also looking for a partner and, naturally, I was on board. Since we both trained at the same school and had the perfect audience to promote our product, we were able to get direct feedback from our students. And since we’re both BJJ practitioners, we knew exactly what we wanted out of hygiene products. Today, the company has grown greatly and we have customers all over the U.S. and abroad.


 The ingredients to the shower gel and shampoo work incredibly well. How did you guys choose or research them?

Matt has done a huge amount of research and testing. He came up with Aftermat’s unique blend after several trial rounds in which he tested, retested and sampled different combinations of ingredients. When he found just the right balance of ingredients and essential oils, he shared the products with students and got very positive feedback. For more on our research and references, you can visit this page on our website:


Ive never seen activated charcoal in soap before and to me it's really groundbreaking. How did this ingredient come along?

Research. Matt did his homework and learned as much as he could about several different ways to make bar soap. He liked the feel and texture of the charcoal and found a manufacturer who could craft a bar with it in a very natural way. It worked perfectly, and, as a bonus, the soap looks really cool!


What's next for AFTERMAT fans and customers?

This year we are planning to introduce some new products. We are working on getting the items we feel customers will get the most use out of. We don’t want to sell anything for the sake of making a buck. We want to make sure everything we put out makes sense.


Anything else you'd like our readers to know?

We chose to build the Aftermat brand because we believe in quality first. It’s very easy to open up shop with cheap products, use clever marketing to pass it off as something more than it really is, then sell it at a high markup. We don’t care for that. We want our customers to know that we have integrity and we stand behind our products.


Have you guys used AFTERMAT products? Let us know what you think!  



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Posted on February 3, 2015 .