Jiu-Jitero's Lifestyle FB Post follow up

A couple of weeks ago we asked our FB fans to chime in on their "bjj lifestyle" to get to know the average jiu-jitero and get to know our fans. With a little help from our VHTS Ninjas, we will try to understand who we are and what we do.


We basically wanted to know if our VHTS fans and sponsored athletes had a laid back attitude towards BJJ or if they took it to the extreme. The results were astonishing!... BOTH! some are laid back and some are very strict. What we were interested in was alcohol consumption, dieting and training regime.

"I'm neither. I'm a full tiem student, teacher and intern, so I try to eat right about 80% of the time and also train as often as possible. But I'm also a pragmatist, so my students, schoolwork and trainees come first... which means that sometimes I don't get the sleep, clean diet and training time I'd like. Oh, and I have a beer about every other weekend.
T Nicole Kirk (VHTS FB FAN)

T Nicole Kirk brings up an important point, some of us do have a life outside BJJ, school, work, family. So how does this compare to say a BJJ athlete who's only work is BJJ?

Let's see what Nicholas Bohli VHTS NINJA had to say, he's a full time Jiu-Jitero, competitor and coach at AOJ (PS: you might remember him from an interview we did a while back, check it out here http://www.vhtsny.com/blog/2014/8/14/nicholas-bohli-living-a-life-he-loves-vhts-style )

"I was never one to consume alcohol, I would have a few beers at special occasions, but now with training I don't drink at all. It would be too dificult for me to get my body to recover and be able to perform at the highest level.
I don't folow a special diet I just try to eat as clean as possible, doing all my shoping on the perimeter of grocery stores. Love to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat, fish and greek yogurt.. As faras supplements to enhance my diet and workout I take BCAA's, protein shakes and glucosamin to help my joints.
My usual schedule is competition training in the morning, private lessons and kids class in the afternoon and advanced class or fundamentals at night."

And how about a full time Jiu-jiteiro and BodyBuilder? Of course we're talking about another VHTS NINJA, Lora Hallock (you can read more of Lora in this interview http://www.vhtsny.com/blog/2014/8/7/ladies-first-interview-with-lora-hallock-vhts-ninja )

"My diet is not a temporary phase of cutting something out. Nor is it restricting any cravings my body might need. My diet is a lifestyle for me. Whether I'm out of town, on vacation, at home, out to eat or preparing to compete my diet is consistent. People know my famous line of <no butter, no oil> hahaha! My diet includes fish, chicken, raw vegetables, oatmeal, almonds, fruits, egg whites, etc. I do splurge after a tough training week and will relax with a glass of red wine and a piece of dark chocolate, but that's just 2-3 times a month.
I also take supplements and Cytogreens as well as protein powders, BCAA's, multivitamin and glutamine. 
In regards to training let's just say I sweat at least once a day.

But you don't have to be a full time jiu-jitero to have the lifestyle. Several of our VHTS FB fans also enjoy that lifestyle.

"No alcohol, drugs, tobacco, meat or dairy. And I train as much as possible"
Adrian Gutierrez (VHTS FB FAN)

"I don't drink. Diet is about 75% on point, but I'm a chef so food is a weakness. Train no less than 5 times a week"
Adam Romero

How about that "after a tough week" we've been hearing about. Marco Alvarado another great VHTS NINJA does do that too, although he also has a great diet!

"Y do consume alcohol, I'm definetely not the "weekend warrior" drinker where I behave all week and rage it on the weekends. I belive that anything done in moderation is exremely harmful. However, on training days that I have trained two or three times I feel a beer is deserving!
I have a great diet, I don't eat fast food and love to eat well-balanced meals consisting of clean proteins and low and high glycemic carbohydrates timed correctly. First and foremost I always try to start my day with a green shake consisting of mixed greens (kale, spinahc, chard) protein, fruit, fiber and chlorella)." 

So.. is drinking alcohol bad. Well everyone will tell you excessively, but something in which almost all of our fans and NINJAS coincide is that in the right amount (not too much) is their style. The Korean Zombie (not Jung) Dan Hubler, another of our VHTS NINJAS does drink but also has a clean way of life.

" I do consume alcohol. I'm a bit of a beer snob. Fortunately the best beers can be pretty expensive, so a night of drinking for me usually means one community craft beer. I also brew my own stuff. There's a really big craft beer subculture in the jiu-jitsu community.
I try and eat well but i'm not excessively strict about it. I avoid sugars, white rice, flour, etc. If ever I do eat those types of foods it's only once a week. And Acai as a supplements, is Acai considered a supplement? I'd have elevated levels of whatever it supplements.
I'm a high school wrestling coach so I get wrestling practice several times a week. I worked full time and am enrolled in a full time masters of education program so some weeks I don't have time to train BJJ and it's fine with me. Jiu-Jitsu is not my career it's my wonderful hobby. "

Work and family seem to be a huge factor in how much you train BJJ, our FB fans say basically the same thing.

"I'm an in betweener. I eat out and enjoy a cold one from time to time but all in all
Jits is what makes me feel complete. It's hard to get in training sometimes because of school and family"
Carlos Baca (VHTS FB FAN)
"I supplement and have a strict/clean diet one month leading up to competition (two months prior if it's a major competition). Staying close to fight weight is my goal when not in comp mode. If I party (which is rare) I'll party pretty hard (alcohol, not drugs), but as a personal penance I do at least one double day of training the following week. Married, Full time job, 2 kids and I train 2-4 hrs/day, 4-5 days a week more when I'm in comp mode. I sleep 6 hrs/night)"
Gabe Cera

It's hard sometimes to balance BJJ but it's good to have a balance also. Most of our FB fans diet, some don't, most drink alcohol, some don't. But something great about everyone is that we all train BJJ let's see what else our FB fans had to say.

"Let's say that the right path is the path in the middle. I'm not a straight edge nutritionist, but I know that if you do not give the right fuel to your body it will find it difficult to do a good job on the mat. On the other hand who could resist chocolate, pizza and a beer from time to time"
Stefano Carrera (VHTS FB FAN)
"I'm a family man. Train 2 days a week. Non competitor. Couple (literally one or two) beers most every night. Diet is home cooked but the chef is italian so it's not super healthy"
"My hubby and I both train. Strict rest and diet regimen 6 days a week. but when we cheat, we go way of the plan and feel no guilt"
Dawn Paredes (VHTS FB FAN)

Alex Ecklin is another VHTS NINJA and great competitor, he also supplements his training making him a all around athlete.

"I do drink socially, but not before tournaments. I stop as soon as I find out I am fighting. When I do drink it's very minimal anyway
In regards to dietingI combine a bunch of different diets together while listening to my body. I would say I eat 80% vegetarian when I am dieting, with a heavy focus on carbs coming from fruits; fats coming from avocados and nuts and proteins coming from fish and chicken. I skip breakfast and train on an empty stomach but I always listen to my body and if I am craving something (as long as it's healthy) I will eat it.
I train BJJ, Muay Thai and do strength and conditioning. I also run and do random workouts all of the time. I try to walk as much as possible, I believe that is a big thing in not getting injured, people don't walk enough and sit for too long and then when they start to train hard their body gets overloaded. I train approximately 20+ hours a week, which includes regular classes, running, strength training but the martial arts training is the bulk of the hours."

So how about you? did you comment on FB? Comment and let us know your thoughs on this subject and stay tuned for a lot more posts featuring our FB fans and upcoming contests.




Posted on September 20, 2014 .