Ladies First! Interview with Lora Hallock, VHTS Ninja

Lora Hallock Rocking the Blue G2 gi from VHTS!

Lora Hallock Rocking the Blue G2 gi from VHTS!

"BJJ has won my heart. You know that shirt that says [] single [] taken [] BJJ... well, I check bjj every time. BJJ has everything I love in a workout and mentally keeps me sane. I love to teach, train, drill, roll, learn, travel, compete, everything that BJJ is..i LOVE!" Lora Hallock

We had the Chance to meet up with LORA HALLOCK VHTS sponsored fighter, Paragon BJJ blackbelt and female championchip bodybuilder (and a great person as well). Let's see what she had to say:

Age, BJJ Belt, where do you train and what got you into BJJ? I am 23yrs old, black belt as of 7/28/2014, I train at Paragon in Corpus christi TX. I started BJJ after attending a free rape prevention seminar my coach, Aurelio Gallegos jr. was hosting. I was having terrifying dreams of being kidnapped so i wanted to learn self defense hoping my fear would go away. Which it did!

You're also a bodybuilder right? (champion bodybuilder we may add) how does Bodybuilding compare to BJJ? which one do you prefer? I am a bodybuilder. I graduated with a Kinesiology degree in College and became a personal trainer temporarily while getting ready to continue my education to be a physical therapist. Naturally, i am very interested in fitness and lifting. I got into competing in bodybuilding in 2013 and have now done 3 competitions placing within the top 5 in ALL. Last weekend i won my first 1st place title which qualifies me for nationals. Although i love the preparation and stage of bodybuilding, I prefer BJJ comps. Bodybuilding and BJJ have very different preparations and it can get difficult to balance the training and diet between the two. However, with the help of my bjj coach and teammates at Paragon, and my bodybuilder trainer, Hershel Shoats and my determination, I am accomplishing the best of both worlds, something that I have never seen done before!

Lora Hallock at one of her Bodybuilding comps just killing it!

Lora Hallock at one of her Bodybuilding comps just killing it!

Any inspirational BJJ figures? I have SO many inspirational BJJ figures. However, my biggest source of inspiration and motivation are kids. I currently teach the kids class at Paragon CC TX. Watching the kids from 5 yrs old to 16yrs train, grow, and learn inspires me! I love coming home after competing and hearing one of the kids tell me congrats... it's so rewarding to know that I have made them proud. In bodybuilding, Nicole Wilkins is my biggest inspirational bodybuilder figure.

Favorite submission and sweep? My favorite submission is triangle choke...which is no secret!! My favorite sweep is triangle choke to sweep. haha... since the day i have learned how to do a triangle i have loved them. The triangle choke sweep became my favorite sweep after discovering some people (especially girls) have smaller necks and can be difficult to choke..hence, the sweep.

Favorite BJJ quote or "get you in the zone" quote before comps? I watch multiple motivational videos and tons of quotes to mentally prepare myself before a comp. but what "gets me in the zone" are the Foo Fighters. I listen to Foo Fighters on blast before I compete. Music has a huge effect on my mood, which effects how I train sometimes. Good music causes good moods which causes good rolling...if I am singing or dancing on the mats... it is good music!

Do you prefer to train with guys or gals?* I know there has been major improvements in womens BJJ to make it easier for girls to train with girls... there are womens bjj camps, womens bjj open mats, even womens bjj classes. However, I did not have that when I began BJJ. I rolled with guys ALL the time. I had no choice if I wanted to train. I believe my BJJ improved, and will continue to improve, because of my lack of "sexism" in the sport. Although i enjoy training with other females, i have no preference between guys or gals. *

Always Paragon and Always VHTS

Always Paragon and Always VHTS

So, VHTS sponsors you, what do you like/love about VHTS? *I love VHTS because of their simple and professionalism in sponsoring. They don't ask many questions and they are always fast to reply and always support my accomplishments. When it comes to their products... I LOVE everything! their gi's are perfect to train AND compete in! VHTS spandex tights are awesome... the "be bold" on the back side always gets compliments in the gym! VHTS has a simple and clean looking designs, which i love. *

Anything else you'd like people to know about you? just to watch out! I have the courage and persistence to have a long successful future in BJJ and bodybuilding. Win or win, I am not going anywhere... I have had my own struggles and persevered through them. I am a constant learner and will continue to grow in BJJ and Bodybuilding!

random silly facts?

  • I cannot drink the water in laredo, tx because it gives me very stinky gas when i train...this we discovered after much trial and error haha!
  • I cannot roll with people in white gi's after bodybuilding comps because my spray tan stains...
  • I am addicted to quest bars


Posted on August 7, 2014 .