VHTS discusses: Do you want PEDS with that?

PEDs have grown in popularity in major sports but also in MMA and in BJJ

PEDs have grown in popularity in major sports but also in MMA and in BJJ

PEDs better known as performance enhancing drugs, are all the substances that some athletes consume to potentially and drastically “enhance” or improve their performance during training or during competitions.

We here at VHTS want to tackle this current subject and ask our readers to chime in on their thought. 

We all know the definition of PEDs and know that MMA takes random drug tests as do some BJJ competitions. But now what are PEDs exactly? Well basically PEDs can be a lot of different substances. Not all PEDs are banned and once you read a bit more chances are you've consumed some type of PED although it might no be a banned substance per se.


Some of the most common PEDS include

  • body mass builders (protein, creatin)
  • body fat reducers (CLA)
  • anabolic steroids
  • stimulants (caffeein, taurine)
  • painkillers 
  • sedatives (cannabis) 
  • diuretics 
  • TRT (testosterone replacement therapy)
Many PEDs can be found as over the counter pills or medicine

Many PEDs can be found as over the counter pills or medicine

Let's look into PEDs a bit more.

What is the purpose of PEDS, well that's pretty basic “IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE” so this posts a question, why do you need to improve your performance with SUBSTANCES? Does that mean your performance is sub-par? Or is lacking?. We believe training, exercise, good gyms and great coaches make your performance better not pills, although sometimes you do need PEDS, right?

Boddy mass builders to buff up, body fat reducers to be lean, coffee to wake up, diuretics to loose water weight at comp is all this necesary?

BJJ athletes like Eddie Bravo, 10th Planet Alum Joe rogan, MMA star Nick Diaz and even (I remembered hearing something) BJJ black belt Jeff Glover advocate for the use of a banned sedative PED, "canabis".  These guys advocate for canabis because they say this sedative relaxes the body and “opens up” the mind so they can think better while they`re training, they can think outside the box and because it relaxes the body they can train without using strength and using mainly technique. This by itself sounds great, to be able to train and take the best out of every training. So does it come with a side effect? Do you get a calmer body and mind but at what price?

Eddibe Bravo and Joe Rogan with a Bong used to smoke Cannabis

Eddibe Bravo and Joe Rogan with a Bong used to smoke Cannabis

Another PED made famous by MMA is TRT, which is testosterone replacement therapy. When male athletes get older (as we all do) and they on top of that train a lot their testosterone levels depleete, get lower and because of this their performance decreases. Loss of energy, being tired, less strength and all these matters when an athlete's testosterone levels decrease. So what can these athletes do to continue training? Well they get TRT because with TRT their levels get stabilized and they feel as though they never had a decrease of testosterone, some people abuse this and get to a higher level of TRT enhancing their training either because they had testosterone levels decrease or they just wanted an edge. So if you want an edge shouldn't you just train more? Well with TRT you can train more, harder, stronger and for a lot longer. Now another view for TRT is if someone has testosterone levels deplete and they can't train anymore, well shouldn they just STOP traning? Because the body is telling them they can't continue like they were, so why take TRT? Isn't this an unhealthy option?

Vitor Belfort, an athlete who had TRT replacement

Vitor Belfort, an athlete who had TRT replacement

So there are a lot of PEDS out there some legal and some banned be it like diuretics to loose water weight before comps or weigh-inns, be it steroids to train harder, be it muscle gainers to bulk up and get bigger. The goal of a PED is simple BETTER something but do you need it? Should it be illegal or banned?

If every athlete at every MMA and BJJ comp used PEDs well there would be no reason whatsoever to be testing because it would be a level playing field. If a select few used PEDs and it worked out for them does this mean they won or were better because of their hard work or a great over-under the counter drug? Would that be fair? If a guy on PEDs is beaten by a clean guy does this matter?

We at VHTS want to hear your thoughts on the matter and thats why VHTS opens up this discussion. Comment with your though on this matter.




Posted on August 18, 2014 .