A lot of companies have come out with new soaps and products to keep you clean on and off the mat, each of them have found their niche in our BJJ WORLD. All of these companies strive and work for one very important thing "health and higiene", bacteria is all around us and when we're training we become very suceptible and vulnerable to infections like staph and ringworm. 

Many people don't place as much importance as they should to all of this , the downside? well, a couple of weeks to a couple of months out of action but something worse is you could be doing is contaminating your friends and training partners and to a further extent your friends and family.

Enter IRON LION SOAP a soap company that really makes an effort to be differnt from the lot, they make soap bars, maybe nothing out of the norm but the way they market them, mixed with the innovative features in each bar (smells, ingredients, uses) really makes this "normal" bars of soap not normal at all. And make taking a shower and cleaning yourself a reall joy and great experience.


We tested out 5 different soap bars: SP, MOJO, ASK,  T2 and ONEONE7 each of them has different characteristics, and although they're all made so you can take a great shower, each of them is meant to be used in a unique way (more of this in a moment). We'll be reviewing each one and letting you know how to use them and which one we preffer.

The packaging is also something to be noted, they come in carton boxes (individually packed, but I also got 3 smaller samples packed in a single box). Each box has instructions on it via drawings, as well as the ingredients to each soap, I found this packaging to be really neat. They also come with 3 IRON LION SOAP stickers (the logo by the way is really cool) and a refrigerator magnet. 


(First of, and before we review each one invididually I must say all of these soaps have a GREAT smeall, really calming and soothing. They're not your normal "creamy" bars of soap and the texture is also very different. Using all of these soap bars is a treat and I can truly say without a doubt that you'll enjoy whichever you use. I cannot atest if they will last longer, equally as long or will last less than traditional "creamy" drugstore brand soaps but I cann say they do clean more and smell much better as well.)


This was the first soap I tried, mainly because of the ingredients/smells:

  • Orange
  • Sandalwood
  • Cedar wood
  • DRAGONS BLOOD (I had to google what it was)
  • Patchouli

While I do know that reall dragons does not exist and its blood would not clean or heal me, the ingredient had me perplexed. When you see the color of the bar (photograph) and when you smell it (buy it and smell it for yourself) you'll see what a trully unique bar of soap this is. I would say this is definetely one of my favorites). Dragons blood is an extract found in a large variety of flowers and plants and is an ingredient found to be medicinal. The SP is one of the more aromatic smells it trully does last you all day long. 

What's it good for? well it's antiseptic (antimicrobial and against infections) and antiviral (used to treat and/or combat infections like antibiotic) and makes your skin super smooth. One thing I found really interesting and liked about this bar of soap (and it repeated in others) is it's not creamy not at all! I'm used to those white/beige creamy soap bars that make a lot of foam and lather, while this one is nothing like it but definetely leaves me feeling much cleaner.



Good thing I read the website and paid attention to the line "NOT FOR YOUR MOUTH, KLEAN FOR YOUR BEING". This is a Vanilla + Oatmeal soap bar, if this sounds like a tasty breakfast you'd be right (and it smells awesome as well). This bar is used as an exfoliate, why? well it has chunks of oatmeal so you can exfoliate (remove old/dead skin cells from the surface of your body).

The scent is strong with this one and much more intoxicating (good and bad) but it's a treat to use it as well. One thing I found interesting about this bar is that the foam/lather it makes has a brown tint to it, posibly due to the ingredients in this soap bar.



You may think I have too many favorites but this one is amazing as well. At first sight it didn't caught my eye, looked like a cool green bar of soap. But then I smelled it. WOW. It smells like those Wrigglys Spearmint Bublegum, this is because of the ingredients:

  • Eucaliptus
  • Spearmint
  • Coconut

It smells amazing, once I smelled it one thing became clear: "I'm gonna smell like this too". It's a really refreshing smell and it lasts a really long time. One thing I liked this soap over all of the others is the clean smell it has, you continue to smell it all day long and it makes you think of cleanliness. It was a really interesting feeling (this bar provides much more lather and foam than the others I tried, which was a plus as well). This is a bar of soap great for making the skin feel smooth it also relaxes you while you use it, it smell is really captivating and I encourage you guys to try it out.



T2 is named after the TEA TREE (TT = T2) this bar also smells great I would say it's a more mild smell and a bar of soap for "generic use". It's meant to treat acne (I did try it on my face and it left me squeaky clean), kills bacteria and treats eczema. As you can see it's a bar of soap with a broad range of uses.

I personally don't use bars of soap for my face, I preffer handsoap type gels, although this bar was nice enough to try and it did leave me feeling like it was doing it's job. Eczema sound really hard and dangeours but truth be told we've all had eczema, even a bit. It's basically an inflamation of the skin, itchinnes, redness and can also be known as dermatitis, if you suffer from these ailments this bar of soap is definetely for you. 



his is another "general purpose" soap bar, as I would call them. The difference with this one is the cleanliness and how it feels. It has a great smell as do all these soap bars but the ONEONE7 felt extra clean. I had to investigate on the website and see why. It is an antibacterial soap bar, I'm not sure if this is the case for everyone but this was the soap which made me feel the most clean and with the longest cleanliness feeling of all the soaps I tried. 

It is advertised as being for all type of skin ailments, I am happy to say I don't have any skin ailments at the time but this soap bar did feel different, at least for me. 


We here at VHTS are really passionate about training, jiu-jitsu lifestyle, gis/kimonos and our products so we strive to find companies that feel passionate about what they do as well. AVI RUBIN is the voice of IRON LION SOAP and is very passionate about their products, we had a chance to sit down with him and get to know the brand a little bit more:

  • AVI thank you very much for your time and for letting us pick your brain. What is your martial arts background?

Both my father and I have been training BJJ for close to 10 years. My father received his black belt in January 2013. Jiu Jitsu is a major part of our life and has awarded us with lifelong friendships and many great experiences. 


  • Why did you decide to start a organic soap company?

We started ILS after a terrible case of ringworm. After many weeks combating this undefeatable ringworm with creams, ointments and injectables I turned the organic route. After some research and a bit of poking around we discovered Tea Tree oil and the amazing characteristics it posses. One thing led to another and fast forward a few months the ringworm was completely gone and we started sharing our tea tree soap (OneOne7) with our friends and family. Shortly there after we began exploring other magical, natural ingredients and Iron Lion Soap was born. 


  • In my house the norm is those creamy "dove" type soaps, why is IRON LION SOAP better?

This is a tricky question for us Mario, let me explain why. The approach ILS takes with our soaps is simple, if you chose to better yourself and make the effort to educate yourself you will learn how important real soap is. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, it does much more than just protect our insides. Any commercially manufactured soap is uncomparable to ILS it's simply the choice of doing better vs not! 


  • Some of the soaps I tried don't generate foam/lather I didn't find this to be bad. Did you make them so they would be like this or it was a coincidence?

Each and everyone of our bars shares a common base of ingredients, two being coconut oil & shea butter. These two combined not only provide exceptional lather but also provide much needed vitamins and minerals to your skin. Depending on whether you shower with a towel or lufa vs not can make a variance in way ILS lathers. 


  • Could you also explain the name for IRON LION SOAP and each different soap bar name?

Iron Lion Soap is a father and son duo rooted in a reggae american israeli culture. A little bit of new school mixed with traditional methods and practice allow for ILS and what we stand for. The names for our bars come after much internal discussion and feedback from our customers. 


  • What's in store for IRON LION SOAP in the future?

We recently started venturing out of just handmade all natural soaps to include small batch solid lotions and some liquid soaps. Our elusive Liquid Lion will be making an appearance on our social networks soon & available in very limited quantities. In addition to that we are working on a few collaboration efforts. Just around the corner we have our Team Klean : Sponsored Athletes program getting ready to launch as well. 2015 is going to be serious for ILS, join us in our journey. 


  • Any thing else you'd like our reader to know about IRON LION SOAP?

We want to thank all our current sponsored athletes and our ambassadors all around the globe. Also a big shout out to Kyle in Hawaii for waving the flag out there and all our local souljahs for holding us down and spreading the klean!

Thank you to AVI RUBIN and the rest of the IRON LION TEAM SOAP company.

for more information visit:

In Conclusion, I could ramble on about all the benefits, the great smells and ingredients, how it makes your skin feel and why is IRON LION SOAP such a great company, but to be honest I would rather you guys take a chance buy a soap bar and let us know if we're right or not (I know you'll think the same as we do at the end). IRON LION SOAP is a company that really differentiates themselves from the norm and this is a great thing, their products are really thought with the customer in mind, keeping the customers happy and clean. I for one am hooked and will definetely be purcahsing more from these guys.

Have you tried IRON LION SOAP? please comment and let us know!



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Posted on November 24, 2014 .