VHTS Halloween Contest

Booo!!! Hey there VHTS fans. We're on the verge of Halloween a holiday In which we can dress up, put on our best costumes, pretend we are superheroes and be a kid and fantasize for a bit.

Here at VHTS we want to acknowledge all those who dress up for Halloween and give away a prize for those with originality, boldness and generally speaking a fun side!  And those wear there BJJ gi armor with pride!

One winner (chosen by us) will get the new not-yet-released VHTS team pocket t-shirt and VHTS black & green fight shorts.


How to enter the contest:

You have to send a picture of a unique, wacky, funny, over-the-top BJJ and/or MMA and/or ComicBook inspired Halloween outfit/costume 


Send a picture of yourself in wearing your Gi in the strangest, most random, boldest place you can (needless to say someplace where BJJ gis aren't usually worn)

We'll look over all the submissions and decide which we like the most (if there is a tie we'll look to you guys to help us decide) 


The deadline is Sunday, October 2 at midnight. The winner will be announced on Friday, November 7. We'll post pics of the nominees, final winners and honorable mentions.


Send your pics to mario.barrios@vhtsny.com and hardtosubmit@gmail.com.



very hard to submit



Posted on October 31, 2014 .